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Holiday - a day or days when solemnly celebrate significant events, significant dates, a few non-working days in a row on the occasion of celebrations are marked by custom or church, the day after any event or holiday.

New Year Christmas Valentine January 23
New Year Christmas Valentine Defender of the Fatherland Day
March 8 Easter May 1 May 9
International Women's Day Easter Labour Day Victory Day
June 1 September 1 Halloween Birthday
Children's Day Day of Knowledge Halloween Birthday
Chinese Horoscope Zodiac
Chinese Horoscope Zodiac

The origins of holidays based on the early pagan rites and rituals, which were represented, were played, staged, were presented in the form of a theatrical stage or another, associated with key, vital events company. Home "role" they served as a deity, directed by a specific event, such as Saturn in ancient Rome, who presided over time, and fertility, Kolyada in Slavic mythology, who represented the middle of winter, and Kupala, who cared for the summer and the fruits of the field, and so on.

However, unlike traditional forms of theater, ritual actions already established feature of the main types of theatrical festivals: the lack of distinction between performers and spectators - all participants active holiday are included in the action.

Almost all the festivals associated with the phenomena of the calendar cycle, ie, a cyclical theme of death and renewal of nature. Hence, too, of undivided perception of birth and death, and went and so-called private celebrations - birthdays, days of the foundation, anniversaries and so on. By virtue of their ritual and ceremonial nature of the celebrations, by definition, are collective or mass scale. Second, a very serious aspect of the holidays - ideological. Power structures are widely used as a method of forming celebrations of political, legal, religious and other beliefs of society. The massive nature of the holidays and how they determine the dramatization of a high degree of emotional turn around.

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